Reaching for the Mountains

Pastor John Boston

Central Seventh Day Adventist Church

Genesis 8:4  Story of Noah who found the grace in the eyes of the Lord.  Mountain is Ararat. We see the grace, a promise, and power of God.

Genesis 22:2  Abraham offers Issac up to the Lord.  He was willing to surrender his sin to the Lord.  God has the power to do it all.

Mount Sinai is when God gave  Moses the Ten Commandants

Mount Carmel.  Some are waiting for the mountain to move but can’t put out the fire.  Elijah was a fearful prophet but God used him because of his grace.

Matthew 5 Mountain of the Beatitudes.  Jesus said you are blessed if you are poor in spirit.  Stop acting like you don’t have any needs. Be persecuted by the cause of Christ

Mark 5:22 mountain Gotha he promised he was going to save the world and shed pure blood.

We see Transfiguration the mountain tied together. Elisha from another mountain showed up

Mountain of Olive.  The final decision of sacrifice of Christ.  He woke up the church and healed the world.


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