Thank God for BUT God


Genesis 50:20

Thank God for BUT God

Rev. Wise

Joseph was a pretty man, prosperous man, perspective man, and a powerful man. He always caught himself between two buts.  These two buts opposites of each other argued with each other and battled with each other.

I’m black, I’m short, I’m scared, I’m tired, I’m poor, or you don’t know my situation.  When you use the world but you block your blessings

But God gives clarification for conflict.  Joseph is thinking about all the things his brothers did to him and vise versa.  When you think of all the stuff that you been through you realize it was meant for you, God has a way of clarifying you. What you thought was evil or harmful they moved it closer to your destiny.

Take a minute and think about all the people who mistreated you, broke your heart and are no longer in your life.  Thank God for the conflict because it made you the person you are today. They said you were ugly or unfit but God stepped in and called you beautiful and worthy and condemned you into something different.

Salvation is meant for evil but God meant it for good.  The only reason you are here is that God saved you.  I was doing wrong but God but God came and got me. When I think of all the good God has done for me my soul cries out.  But you was my excuse but God is my expectation.  When my back is against the wall God is always there.

The only reason between me and the guy on the corner holding the sign is BUT GOD.

We messed up on purpose and the consequences could have been devastation But God is the only reason I didn’t die.  I acknowledge who you are and what you did for me.




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