Under God


Faith Ministries Church

Dr. Wise

Psalm 91:1-16

Under isn;t a good place to be. Under the weather, under the circumstance is controlled by the situation.  When you are under God you are in a good place.  When we first heard under God we were in kindergarten.”I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  know matter what you are going through God always has you covered.  Under God says whatever has to get through you has to go through God to get to you.

God is over everything.  When you are under God you are under his shadow.  The shadow takes the heat and you are on the cool side of God.  You are on the close side of God, the secret place.  When God moves you move.  When God moves the shade moves.

Under his shelter takes the hit.  The reason I am here today is God took the heat, You don’t know how you made it to the other side or how you are still alive, it’s because God took the hit.  When  you are under the storm God takes the hit for you

Under his shield takes the hate. Do you have haters? They throw darts at you and throw arrows at you.  You just want to peek around the corner to see what is going on because God has blocked all of that for you. He takes care of the big stuff like he cured your cancer, or your eviction notice and some of the small things are he woke you up this morning, your electricity is on.  We have a great big God under his shield.

Under his supervision, because he takes away the hurt.  He watches you like you watch a child and just before they do something you yell stop and they take a step back.  Remember when you were at that party and you knew what you were doing was was wrong and you heard that voice and you took a step back.

He’s watching out for me.  He’s the person you say good looking out to. We should thank him for watching out for us and for allowing to be under him.


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