Word Up



Ephesians 4:11-15

Rev. Wise

Prepositions are little words that mean a  lot.

As a toddler, their favorite word is no.  It’s like a kiddie cuss word.  Did you potty? no, Did you say hi? no. Did you pick up your toys? no  The most appropriate preposition for a child is up. When they fall down they get up and they grow in Christ every day.

Up is a secret to your success and it begins with you getting out of bed.  Waking up is what God did, not your alarm clock or your mother.  It’s about getting up even when you fall down.  A saint is just a sinner who fell down.  You just don’t fall down one time in your life, you fall down several times.  It’s about you getting up and rising again.

Up should be a standard for your life. Even though your experiences are low keep your standards high.  When choosing your friends, putting your clothes on in the morning, choosing your mate always remember to keep your standards high.

Up is a strategy for defeat.  The devil got kicked out of heaven because he couldn’t handle up.  He can only deal with the lows in life and the best thing for you is to go up.

Up is a sign for spiritual development.  We grow in height but we don’t grow in him.  You need to have a greater communication with him.

Up is a source for your health.  When you get to the place you don’t know which way to turn up is your source. Source of sunshine, provisions.  The wrath of God ran down on our provision.  If we learn how to face up all our needs will be given to us.



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